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Italian artist

Roberto DeWan

Starting August 18th, 2023, an exhibition will be on display at Moonlight Gallery in Sitra-Manama, Bahrain. The curator for this exhibition is Antonino Petralia.

Roberto De Wan

Eating horse in Bahrain - Oil and acrylic on canvas 15x20cm

Italian arabesque - Oil and acrylic on canvas 20x25cm

Architectural elements in Bahrain - Oil and acrylic on canvas 15x20cm

Winged horse - Oil and acrylic on canvas 18x25cm

Marine landscape in Bahrain - Oil and acrylic on canvas 15x20 cm

Mosque in Bahrain - Oil and acrylic on canvas 15x20cm

Metropolitan marine of Manama - Oil and acrylics on canvas 15x20cm

Roberto DeWan was born in 1964 in Turin. He has had two different lives, just like his hometown, which conceals the beauty of its peaceful areas and artistic soul behind its industrial appearance. He learned painting techniques and nude interpretation from Raffaele Pontecorvo, and also studied International Relations and wrote a thesis on wartime graphics, getting his degree at 23. He then began experiences in fashion design in Milan, Munich, Paris, and London, before focusing entirely on powerful, spiritual pure painting and having several solo exhibitions, including the most recent ones at Alson Gallery in Milan in 2017 and at the Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea Antonio Battaglia in Brera in 2021. Since 2022, he has been actively collaborating with the platform curated by Antoninno Petralia, organizing numerous internationally renowned artistic events.

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