Andrea Pietro Petralia


Andrea was born in Catania in 1951. At school he was known as “the artist” for his versatility and great passion towards the arts. There he learnt how to draw and paint. He also dedicated himself to the creation of fine clay sculptures, representing the Christmas nativity scene.

Later on he attended professional art courses in ceramics, poster design and stained glass crafting. A remarkable example of his stained glass artworks can be admired at the Lentini Church near Catania – Sicily. At the age of 17 he moved to Paris where along with other street painters he experienced a deep connection with the French artistic heritage. Two years later he returned to Italy to continue his studies at the Art Institute in Catania and after at the prestigious European Design Institute in Milan. Within the figurative art he adheres to the major art movements of the twentieth century, for he has painted accordingly to their different styles, constantly looking for innovation. His artworks are in private collections in Germany, France, United States, China and Russia. His latest artistic projects involve a search for serenity.