Genre: Classic Contemporary

Stefano Musso

Birthplace: Noto (SR)
Stefano Musso was born in 1991 in Noto (SR) – Sicily. After graduating from the state art institute, he decided to deepen his knowledge in the pictorial field, attending the detached section of the academy of fine arts Lorenzo Da Viterbo, graduating as a painter in 2014. At the same time, he participated in several artistic events and competitions in many cities of Italy, often ranking among the finalists. He received public acclaim for his decisive, evolved and original style, despite his young age. In 2015 he moved to Rome for a master course in graphics and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 2017.  He paints the man’s inner condition and his energies, as nature...

Domenica Galtieri

Birthplace: Bruzzano zeffirio (RC)
Mimma was born in Bruzzano Zeffirio (RC) – Southern Italy.  Her first approach to art was photography and the ancient technique of the Shodo (art of Japanese calligraphy).  She works as a Visual in the fashion industry and attended several Art Schools and courses. Some workshops were held by renowned Italian masters. Her artistic peculiarity lies in the search and transformation of recuperated materials as a an essential concept of time and its flow. Her works have been exhibited in several National Art Festivals and in various locations such as Museums and Libraries.

Rosanna Miccolis

Birthplace: Bari
Rosanna Miccolis was born in Putignano (Italy). Her first approach to paint took place at the age of 20 years, with a huge interest in forms and colors, and in 2000, thanks to her great devotion and deep passion for the art, she started to focus on figurative art in a particular way to the Flemish technique. During the last few years, her necessity to propose multifaceted vision of art, made it necessary to experiment new media such as: sculpture, paper mache etc… She has performed in several exhibitions such as: “Artiste de Montmartre”, “Premio arte laguna, Venice”, “Biennale internazionale di Palermo” and “Biennale internazionale del Lazio” obtaining good public and critical acclaim. Most of her works has been reviewed...

Roberto Bellucci

Birthplace: Roma
I was born in Rome on 02-04-1959 At the age of 5 I moved to Africa (Somalia Mogadishu) with the family and stayed there until the age of 10. The stay in Africa has deeply marked my life on the artistic profile. Uncommon human relationships, the harshness of life, the strong sun, the pungent smells have dug deep furrows in my soul. Upon returning to Italy, I went to live in Naples. This was a meaningful experience, and also here with a strong sun. To complete the 5th grade they enrolled me in the Don Bosco state school in Portici. Here at my first approach with my Italian (Neapolitan) peers and here I convinced myself that I could not understand...

Francesca Vena

Birthplace: Cosenza
Francesca Vena was born in Cosenza, city in southem Italy, where she lives and practices the profession of painter. From an early Age, her predisposition towards the arte was innate in her and She was encouraged by her parents ti partecipate in varios event Sel-tought artist ( although not following accademie studios) She had the opportunità ti deepen his knowledge at leasing master’s workshops. Diring her career She partecipated in various National and International events , attracting interrato from the news She practices her profession by providing many paiting courses, especially for childten , adult and disable persons. Founder of the Isabella d ‘ Aragona cultural and artistic association , promoting art throughaut the National territory

Gerardo La Porta

Birthplace: Eboli
Gerardo La Porta, aka “Gi_laPorta”, was born in 1966 in Eboli (SA) ITALY. at his youth age of nine, in a School Competition he was already awarded. Despite the different address training, studying hidden from parents, everything that concerns the art. With his neighbor friend started sharing his passion for art and studying the various painting techniques together. He is very passionate for the artists of the Renaissance and the ‘900, feeds much interest in Contemporary Artists, for the detail of the expression. In the beginning he was painting a lot during the breaktime, start to refined the technique of oil, alternating with acrylics and watercolor, also with his friend artist helps. Everything start to change after traveling and working...

Vincenzo Modafferi

Birthplace: Reggio Calabria
Vincenzo Modafferi, born in Reggio Calabria (1951). Now lives in Renda. He is a retired maths teacher and a self-taught painter. Through collectivity he communicates what he finds in painting and colours. His painting of classical nature is precise in perspectives and the brightness of figures. In his works, he looks for true expression with colours, in order to communicate his point of view. He prefers figurative art to landscapes, using colours to rebuild interest between humanity and environment. He has taken part in collective exhibitions, where critics recognized his sensitiveness and love towards life.

Davide Neddini

Birthplace: Roma
Neddini Larrydavid was born in Rome on 1947 and residing in Imola. Born as a self-taught painter, Neddini is a singular but very interesting painter, Neddini deals with adherence and validity in the psychological contents, and a theme all the Mali of our times. He firmly believes in the human values ​​of life by demonstrating them in his painting. Many critics who wrote about him including (Ciampi, Ruggeri Boccaloni, Tomassini Mario Monteverdi, Patrizia Galli) made many collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and in the world Geneva, Madrid, Los Angeles New York San Francisco Tokyo Melburg.

Vincenzo Allevato

Birthplace: San Giovanni in fiore (Cosenza)
Born in San Giovanni in Fiore. He has participated in numerous national and foreign exhibitions receiving several awards and criticisms as the:“Il Campidoglio D’Oro” received by “Internazionale Burckhardt Academie” of Roma: “For his skills as a painter with a suggestive religious and mystical theme, where the chromatic reason imposes singular personality “.Dott. A. Tommaso Prete; “Premio Oscar della Cultura 2001” Firenze; “Premio Antiqua Florentia” with the title “Arciere dell’arte” Firenze; “Lupa Capitolina” Palazzo Barberini Roma; “Forum Interart” Palazzo Barberini Roma; “Premio Arte 92” Milano; “Premio Italia luci e colori”; “Premio Rendano” Cosenza; “Premio S. Severina” Crotone; he also set up the following solo and group exhibitions: “Campidoglio” Roma; “Collettiva Vigna Clara” Roma; “Abbazia florense” S. Giovanni in Fiore; “Sidi Slim”,...

Imma Garofalo

Birthplace: Cassano allo Ionio
Immaculate Garofalo (Imma) was born in Cassano at the Ionian on 1962, she began from elementary school to have a passion for drawing and watercolors. She dedicates to the landscapes, flowers, nature enchanted by the immensity and colors that surround his summer days in the countryside where she spends most of his summer holidays. The passion for art is immense; she continues over time as a self-taught trying to perfect herself and scrutinize beauty in every corner that surrounds her to bring her back to the canvas according to her inner flair. Painting for her is entering an idyllic dimension where everything becomes beautiful, sublime, fascinating, is alien from all that is around, it becomes almost therapeutic to paint after...

Letizia Pistoia

Birthplace: Montepaone (Catanzaro)
Letizia Pistoia was born in Montepaone (Cosenza) in 1950 and lives in Milan since she was 9 year old. After secondary school she attended the professional school for secretary. She worked as a window dresser for a fashion chain. Since she was a kid had a visceral passion for art in all its expression and for this reason she dedicates all her free time to oil painting which is her true passion. She is a self-taught painter used to dream in front of a beautiful landscape,especially by the sea. As a painter, she has successfully participated to various collective exhibitions and many paintings on commission.