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Break up with Art.

3th chapter

Do you love Art, NFT and augmented reality? this is the right place for you.

Gatto Rosso Bistrot, with, give to you a cultural project that  introduce you to contemporary Italian artists in an unusual context, while you enjoy your meal.

Scroll down and discover the artists which are now exhibiting in this restaurat. You can see the works into the main room, into the Bistrot.
Take your time to admire them and leave a comment about your  feelings in appreciating these works.

Enjoy your time.

Play and Win

while you are waitign your meal, have a fun with the following puzzle, you will recive a present on your email.

is featured in the new exhibition

from 5th to 25th semptember


Daria seduta

Leonardo Cuccoli, Graphic designer

Leonardo Cuccoli born in Bologna (Italy) on 04/01/01964.

He is certified "Graphic Designer '' he achieved high school diploma over 34 years ago in Communication Design Bologna.
He has developed many experiences such: anatomoscientistic, graphic illustrator, visual communication in "ALFA WASSERMANN S.p.A.'', art director multimedia designer, administrative manager and partner with "Athena Agency- MKC 1990", communication and advertiser administrator Dido, reliable and good organizer in collective and public events.
He lives in Bologna and works with many companies designing and manufacturing communication products on digital and traditional media.


And here we are at the dessert, for the most refined and technological palates here is a virtual experience.

Download the App Spatial and explore our virtual space.

on Opensea you can discovery the Mecenate's wallet where every month you can find more NFT.  click here

All this is a small taste of the artistic offer. Book a call now with one of our Artist advisor.

Every 15 days, the exhibition offer will be renewed with new artists.

What do you obtain:


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