Category: Photographer

Francesca Parrini

Birthplace: Firenze
Born in Florence in 1968, she lives in Mugello, her family’s land of origin. She participated in SGI activities on cultural issues and peace education. In recent years she has participated in visual art exhibitions with flattering awards: “Artists of the Light” in Stockholm; Book “Photographers in Tuscany”; third prize in the photographic section at the “Premio KEVO” ; first prize in the photographic section at the VII Literary and Art Prize “NuoviOcchiSulMugello”. She has participated in exhibitions at the “Casa di Giotto” in Vicchio del Mugello, at the “Vecchia Propositura” in Scarperia, at the “Simultana Spazi d’Arte” Gallery in Florence; one of her poems is included in the book “Dedicated to… Poems to Remember ” following the XV ”...

Mauro Martin

Birthplace: Pinerolo
Mauro Martin was born in Pinerolo, North-West Italy. After graduating at the local art school he studied architecture at the Polytechnic in Turin. He studied with masters Beppe De Valle and Raffaele Ponte Corvo. his work covers several aspects of visual art and the artist expressed himself by the use of different media, such as painting, sculpture, photography and film-making. He applies the “less is more” minimalist principle to all his works, which are characterized by a compositional essentiality and structural rigour as well as being enhanced by the constant use of a rule of classical origin, largely adopted during the Renaissance period – the Golden section.

Leonardo Cuccoli

Birthplace: Bologna
Leonardo Cuccoli lives in the countryside around Bologna and at the age of 55 he decided to break the mould approaching the world of art, leaving his professional background behind and embracing all those things that truly were the mirror of his soul. “One morning, a deep sense of rejection of the dynamics of everyday life led me to reveal my true self by proposing my artistic thought”. After years spent in the field of corporate communication among art director, copy, graphic design and advertising, he started to promote his own concept of communication through photography. The idea of photography sums up a whole professional life spent learning the technique behind the scenes from all the photographers he met on...

Rosy Carletti

Birthplace: Thalwil (Svizzera)
Rosy Carletti was born in Switzerland on April 20, 1959.Her photographic passion, cultivated since she was a girl, becomes study, research and experimentation after the discovery in a wood of a Praktica, an old analogue camera.A sign, a turning point.She begins a study path associated with an unlimited curiosity towards the world and an introspection that will lead her to analyze the emotional flow through body language.She loves colors as much as black and white, as well as the contrast between portrait and setting.Her husband set up a studio for her where she creates hats, crowns, clothes and everything she could ever need for her photographic projects.Her eyes look for hidden wonders, her lens captures unusual solutions, her photos of...