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Francesca Parrini

Birthplace: Firenze
Born in Florence in 1968, she lives in Mugello, her family’s land of origin. She participated in SGI activities on cultural issues and peace education. In recent years she has participated in visual art exhibitions with flattering awards: “Artists of the Light” in Stockholm; Book “Photographers in Tuscany”; third prize in the photographic section at the “Premio KEVO” ; first prize in the photographic section at the VII Literary and Art Prize “NuoviOcchiSulMugello”. She has participated in exhibitions at the “Casa di Giotto” in Vicchio del Mugello, at the “Vecchia Propositura” in Scarperia, at the “Simultana Spazi d’Arte” Gallery in Florence; one of her poems is included in the book “Dedicated to… Poems to Remember ” following the XV ”...

Mauro Martin

Birthplace: Pinerolo
Mauro Martin was born in Pinerolo, North-West Italy. After graduating at the local art school he studied architecture at the Polytechnic in Turin. He studied with masters Beppe De Valle and Raffaele Ponte Corvo. his work covers several aspects of visual art and the artist expressed himself by the use of different media, such as painting, sculpture, photography and film-making. He applies the “less is more” minimalist principle to all his works, which are characterized by a compositional essentiality and structural rigour as well as being enhanced by the constant use of a rule of classical origin, largely adopted during the Renaissance period – the Golden section.

Paride Ranieri

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Birthplace: Milano
Paride Ranieri was born in Milan. Art School in Milan, Contemporary History – University of Milan and University “La Sapienza” of Rome.  He joined the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera – Milan, undertaking painting lessons by Master L. Fabro (1990). Meanwhile he has worked in the architetcural firm of Annio Maria Matteini in Milan. After his graduation Paride has dedicated his talent designing theatre, television and movie settings (USA / Italy). In the decade 1999-2008 he has collaborated with Pirelli tires S.p.A. preparing and monitoring national and international promotional events. In 2003 he joined the group of artists for ” Unexpected Art”, a series of exhibitions and performances held in Milan, Barcelona and New York until 2005. In 2006...

Giulia Previtali

Birthplace: Monza
Giulia Previtali was born in Monza, 1993.  She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2018 and a year later starts teaching in schools. In 2014 Previtali won the “26 reasons to make art” Award organized by Vittorio Gucci which led to her first exhibition in Via Tortona – Milan, linked to the prestigious annual Design event, the Milan furniture fair.  She then won two more art prizes and was called to exhibit at the Regione Palace in Milan. In 2015 she met the art critic and curator Giorgio Grasso whom she started to appear in collective exhibitions in the Italian territory. Previtali was a guest artist at the 2017 Biennale in Venice – Armenian...

Roberto Bellucci

Birthplace: Roma
I was born in Rome on 02-04-1959 At the age of 5 I moved to Africa (Somalia Mogadishu) with the family and stayed there until the age of 10. The stay in Africa has deeply marked my life on the artistic profile. Uncommon human relationships, the harshness of life, the strong sun, the pungent smells have dug deep furrows in my soul. Upon returning to Italy, I went to live in Naples. This was a meaningful experience, and also here with a strong sun. To complete the 5th grade they enrolled me in the Don Bosco state school in Portici. Here at my first approach with my Italian (Neapolitan) peers and here I convinced myself that I could not understand...


Birthplace: Alcamo (Trapani)
Giuseppina Ferrara, GiuFè, was born in Alcamo, near Palermo – Sicily, in 1978. She studied graphic design and graduated in scenography at the Academy of fine Arts. She moved to Florence, where she experienced the silversmith work through a period of apprenticeship in a workshop and there she discovered her passion for jewels. She later decided to settle back in Sicily and became a teacher in primary school. In 2009 she founded GiuFè Jewels, a brand which connects all her passions and competences, therefore is a combination of art, didactical work and luxury items. She focused on the organisation of creative and motivational courses for disabled students, where, in cooperation with not disabled ones, they can get over the physical...

Emanuel Palermo

Birthplace: Catania
Emanuel Palermo was born in Catania in 1949, where he began his art studies and later attended the Accademy of fine arts. In 1970 he went to Paris for a year, gaining a tremendous experience in the relation with professional artists. Returning to Italy he has devoted himself to the research and experimentation of visual arts, from 1973 to the present day. His art is sometimes conceptual and the result of a constant social analysis. Being an artist according to Emanuel Palermo means “to confess the unconscious and to look at the world from innumerable hairline cracks”; to do so he realizes installations and performances, he uses mixed techiniques and recycled materials despite the traditional touch of paint. His work...

Salvo Messina

Birthplace: Catania
Salvo Messina was born in Catania – Sicily in 1953. He took up the artistic career at a young age and in 1973 he moved to the city of Milan to study at the prestigious European Design Institute where he met some of the most renowned designers of Italy. In those years he started to work as a comic illustrator and advertising creator. Back in Catania he attended the Academy of Fine Arts, where he eventually became a professor. Art is still his great passion and main occupation. Given the multiplicity of his interests and competences he has the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects, from  decoration to design. The cultural aspect of his training and education brought him...