Category: Arts & Nature

Francesca Guetta

Birthplace: Firenze
Francesca Guetta was born in Florence, where she still lives and works. She has participated in numerous artistic exhibitions and competitions both in Italy and abroad, receiving several awards. Recent personal exhibitions include those of 2015 at the Institute for Overseas of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and at the “Society of Fine Arts, Circle of Artists, “Casa di Dante” in Florence; in 2016/2017 at the Tornatora Art Gallery in Rome; in 2017 mini solo show in the Contemporary Art Exhibition “Artists in San Lorenzo”, at the Donatello Hall in Florence; in 2018, “Dialogues in the making” at Simultanea Spazi d’Arte, Florence and “Fragments of stories and colors” in the Museum Complex of the Ex Benedictine...

Jessica Pintaldi

Birthplace: Roma
For several years Jessica Pintaldi has been outlining an abstraction that finds its roots in the simplest and most profound form of reality. Astrophysics and Art share the need for investigation and discovery. A black hole is thought to be found in the center of each galaxy. The circle, the sphere, the spiral, the centripetal and centrifugal movements of inner elements are found in many different natural structures. Matter rotates and exists in repeating forms, from the immensely large to the infinitely small. From the beginning of time, man has always been looking for answers about the origin of the world, the universe and all living things. The demiurge artist finds answers by observing the shape of what is around...

Salvatore Borzì

Birthplace: Paternò (Catania)
Salvatore Borzì
 (Paternò, 1961) is a contemporary italian architect and artist. He graduated in the Art High School of Catania, then he continued his architectural studies in Reggio Calabria, where with his experimental thesis on the use of color in the urban landscape he got his degree. This was an important turning point for the artist to develop the “chromatic factor” in the visual perception of the forms.
His artistic production, based on his training, is therefore constantly crossed by processes that belong to both the sphere of “designing” and the one of “painting”. His works are based on the study of the connections and the observations of the “relationship space” between the elements. The aim is to give meaning and...

Maria Teresa Giunta

Birthplace: Castroreale (Messina)
Maria Teresa Giunta, was born in Castroreale (Me) in 1963, in 1996 she moved to Milazzo, where she is still. She lives and dedicates herself full time to painting. Artist of clear impressionist language with particular reference to nature and the Mediterranean landscape. Her large table scans in unison infinite naturalistic notes, embedding in the canvas, wonderful views of his beloved land: Sicily, which lends itself pictorially to be represented in the work. Present with her works in numerous collective art exhibitions and personal exhibitions receiving wide acclaim from specialized critics, as well as various prizes and awards for her undisputed artistic talent.

Maria Teresa Minneci

Birthplace: Pompei
Maria Teresa Minneci was born in Pompei, near Naples, in 1947, but she now lives and works in Gerenzago, near Milan. She has always loved drawing and has partaken over the years in many creative projects. She lately decided to concentrate on oil painting. Her artistic style spaces from abstract to figurative; no matter how opposite these two tendencies seem to be, she manifests her complete confidence with both. Her emotions come from within and she uses oil painting to portray them onto canvas. She says about her work: “When I start a new work, I observe the blank canvas. I caress it and, free from all thoughts, I leave space only for the need to paint; the brush in...

Francesco Senise

Birthplace: Lungro
Lives and works in the town of Lungro in southern Italy, where he was born on the 25th of August 1970. He has dedicated most of his artistic works to his native land by depicting the surrounding environment and colourful landscapes. The “Salinari” paintings, the series he has become most valued for, pay tribute to the salt mines that have ensured the territory of Lungro and its inhabitants prosperity for many centuries. The artist is particularly fond of this theme for, as a child, he was fascinated by the view of some sculptures placed at the school entrance portraying salt miners; their weary aspect struck him profoundly. Maturing as a man and artist, he must have realised the intense fatigue...