Foto profilo Musso

Stefano Musso

Stefano Musso was born in 1991 in Noto (SR) – Sicily. After graduating from the state art institute, he decided to deepen his knowledge in the pictorial field, attending the detached section of the academy of fine arts Lorenzo Da Viterbo, graduating as a painter in 2014. At the same time, he participated in several artistic events and competitions in many cities of Italy, often ranking among the finalists. He received public acclaim for his decisive, evolved and original style, despite his young age. In 2015 he moved to Rome for a master course in graphics and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 2017.  He paints the man’s inner condition and his energies, as nature itself is twofold.
The canvases are characterized by this feature; as between body and soul, spirit and matter, hot and cold, light and darkness; through these opposites, the artist tries to make clear the man is composed of different and balanced elements. Though their structure and color are dissimilar, they bond in harmony and enclose the essence of the universe: man, body and transparent soul.

Birthplace: Noto (SR)

Academy of Fine Arts