Salvatore Borzì

Salvatore Borzì
 (Paternò, 1961) is a contemporary italian architect and artist.
He graduated in the Art High School of Catania, then he continued his architectural studies in Reggio Calabria, where with his experimental thesis on the use of color in the urban landscape he got his degree.
This was an important turning point for the artist to develop the “chromatic factor” in the visual perception of the forms.
His artistic production, based on his training, is therefore constantly crossed by processes that belong to both the sphere of “designing” and the one of “painting”. His works are based on the study of the connections and the observations of the “relationship space” between the elements. The aim is to give meaning and fair value to what is normally seen as simple empty space.
The result of this work generates mostly dry and synthetic representations, where “all the things” manifest themselves in the relationship they have with the space that contains them, a close and indissoluble relationship between the subject and his own aura. In his works, air penetrates the surface of things and becomes one with solid matter. Thus creates a fluid and continuous exchange, which dissolves the boundaries of the figures to touch their most intimate essence.

Birthplace: Paternò (Catania)