Rosanna Miccolis

Rosanna Miccolis was born in Putignano (Italy). Her first approach to paint took place at the age of 20 years, with a huge interest in forms and colors, and in 2000, thanks to her great devotion and deep passion for the art, she started to focus on figurative art in a particular way to the Flemish technique.

During the last few years, her necessity to propose multifaceted vision of art, made it necessary to experiment new media such as: sculpture, paper mache etc…

She has performed in several exhibitions such as: “Artiste de Montmartre”, “Premio arte laguna, Venice”, “Biennale internazionale di Palermo” and “Biennale internazionale del Lazio” obtaining good public and critical acclaim.

Most of her works has been reviewed by critics on several art catalogues.

Birthplace: Bari