Nicole Guillon

Born in France, she lived her childhood in Africa where she was marked by the colors and essential shapes that surrounded her. She graduated in Comparative Literature and lived for several years in Paris and in other European cities, before arriving in Italy where she began her artistic activity by attending various workshops and following the courses of the “Il Bisonte” International School in Florence.
Since 1989 she has exhibited in Italy and abroad. Her works, characterized by the research on matter and colors in an abstract expressionism, are present in collections in various countries of the world.
Since 2001 her passion for traveling on foot and photography has led her to a new expressiveness, which completes the previous work.
Since 2017 she has written short stories (GoWare editions) of her travels, accompanied by her photographs and reproductions of paintings inspired by the various paths.
She exhibits both in galleries and in places where art is in direct contact with the public and often leaves her works untitled, to allow the viewer the complete freedom sensations, convinced that the artist is none other than the interpreter of a universal consciousness.
She works in Chianti (Tuscany) and Paris. Her personal experience makes her feel like a world citizen.

Birthplace: Niort (France)