Massimo Lomi

Lomi’s grandfather Giovanni was a famous painter of the “ postmacchiaiolo” period and a great operatic singer. The father was an excellent interpreter of jazz music. With these premises Massimo Lomi was born in 1953. At a young age, he learnt from his grandfather the “flavor” of painting, a very important craft in the period between 1800 and 1900.  Together they visited museums and private collections and the young Massimo learnt to observe. He was described as a creative when, in 1968, he attended the art college in Carrara; there he began to improve his picturesque istinct.

In 1972 he organized his first exhibition in Milan, where he was appreciated for his originality. His father Federigo became his first sponsor and admirer. Massimo organized other exhibitions, until he developed a personal art trend. His artistic personality was influenced as well by his journeys around the world, especially Sri Lanka in 1987 and the USA in 1988, where he embraced some artistic innovations conveyed in his works.  In 1990 he was nominated secretary of the movement “Gruppo Labronico”, one the oldest Italian art movements, which included other famous painters: Annigoni, Modigliani and Nomellini. In 1991 he suddenly lost his father and a year later he celebrated the birth of his first daughter Beatrice. Before the birth of his second daughter Virginia in 1995, the municipality of Livorno organized his retrospective exhibition in a place named “Bottini dell’Olio”.

Since that moment lots of exhibitions has taken place in private and public spaces. In 2000 he is chosen among the Artists for Jubilee Year and at the same time he partecipates to an exhibition by Artexpo at the Javits Center of New York. In 2003 he showed his artworks at the European Parliament in Brussels. During the 1st anniversary of Benedetto XVI papacy, he met the Holy Father displaying the painting “Faith atmospheres”.

Birthplace: Livorno