Ivana Storto

Ivana Storto was born in 1938 in the province of Venice and lives now in Caserta. She has always been interested in painting since she was a young girl.
She makes her debut on the exhibition scene by presenting all her works since 2009.
After an initial training and a study phase with a naive imprint, the artist begins to direct her center of gravity towards the achievement of a personal stylistic evidence.
If Ivana Storto’s early works were a kind of experience of the outward appearance of the surrounding world, the current ones support an emotional journey into the world of colors and shapes, reflected and rendered by free and playful geometries recalling a fairytale.
Ivana’s aim is far from being a mere achieving the aesthetic value. She’s aimed at creating a language entirely based on moods and personal instincts. In her works colors, wisely and masterfully blended and harmonized, are a vivid expression of meanings and values.
Her painting is felt like an experience of life itself, a means to express one’s self, fingering the sense of freedom through a lucid vision of depth…
Throughout the years Ivana Storto has partaken in various artistic exhibitions, achieving national awards. She also organized three exhibitions herself so far.
Her paintings are depicted in various art publications and in many catalogs.

Birthplace: Eraclea (Venezia)