Giulia Previtali

Giulia Previtali was born in Monza, 1993.  She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2018 and a year later starts teaching in schools.
In 2014 Previtali won the “26 reasons to make art” Award organized by Vittorio Gucci which led to her first exhibition in Via Tortona – Milan, linked to the prestigious annual Design event, the Milan furniture fair.  She then won two more art prizes and was called to exhibit at the Regione Palace in Milan. In 2015 she met the art critic and curator Giorgio Grasso whom she started to appear in collective exhibitions in the Italian territory. Previtali was a guest artist at the 2017 Biennale in Venice – Armenian Pavilion. Same year she has also started to show her artworks in important Art Fairs such as Affordable Art Fair in Milan and Paratissima in Turin. In 2019 she organized a contemporary art exhibition in her hometown Monza at the Villa Reale, with a performance evening for the opening. In 2020 she revealed her new project “Gothic Windows” in a solo exhibition at the Punto Arte gallery – Monza.

The artist established painting as the beginning of her artistic research, pursuing the discovery and use of other materials, such as handmade paper, which will become the center of her conceptual work. Paper is closely linked to the concept of memory and fragility. Cellulose fibers are separated and subsequently linked with a new logical
order to create the sheet of paper; thoughts and memories are also organized logically, as a structure, in our brain. These elements represent the conceptual structuring of reality, which starts from a multiplicity of isolated pieces to arrive at the overall unity of reality.

Birthplace: Monza