Elio Picariello

Elio Picariello

Elio Picariello was born on July 29, 1961 in Montefredane (Av)

From an early age he was fascinated by colors so that he attended the study of the master Mario Barra where he had the first approaches with painting. The first brush strokes date back to his tender childhood. he could only seem like a child who enjoyed painting the canvas, but in reality an artist was slowly being born. After completing his studies with the master Barra, he began his studies at the artistic high school of Avellino where in addition to painting he also discovered the art of ceramics. over the years his brush strokes become more and more interesting, decisive and full of meaning. .to most he is known as a portrait painter, still today his workhorse. Over the years, despite never having liked to advertise his personal exhibitions, he has managed to obtain great public success. today his paintings boast a national and international presence.

The paintings are present in several foreign private collections:


Boston, New York, Chicago, Australia, Canada Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Argentina


savona, San Remo, Turin, Bergamo, Milan, Rimini, Como, Venice, Padua, Solsomaggiore Terme, Rome, Ragusa, Catania, Syracuse, Palermo, Bari, Catanzaro, Naples, Salerno, Avellino, Benevento

elio Picariello is one of those artists who know how to make love for tradition coexist with aspiration to modernity. A difficult undertaking, if we consider the risks that can derive from the respect for the classics and those that arise from the fierce and uncritical research of the new. it is not easy to be in the right medium. Elio Picariello does it easily, thanks to a natural freshness of invention that saves him from interaction. natural gifts are not invented but are enhanced with exercise, especially when it accompanies a taste for poetry and attention to reality. Elio Picariello is an artist better known in the rest of Italy than in his homeland. his portraits have long been included in the most qualified collections and have been admired in the most famous galleries. In Irpinia Picariello is almost on his debut. rare appearances in the group shows, the artist has been able to keep out of any easy fashion, of any concession to the current taste and the ephemeral. His portraits dig deep, looking for what escapes epidermal attention.

Birthplace: Montefredane (Avellino)