Antonio Cariola

Antonio Cariola was born in Piedimonte Etneo (CT) in 1971.
In 1988 he graduated as a Master of Art in The Metals and Goldsmiths section.
His passion is oil painting and 1991 he decided to attend Maestro Carnabuci’s private school of painting in Taormina (ME).
In 1998 he graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.
Initially he was born and trained as an “easel” artist, making exhibitions in the Catania hinterland.
His reference artists are Van Gogh, Cèzanne and Matisse.
Since 2010 he has abandoned “traditional” painting, experimenting with new linguages.
The pictorial surfaces are “dismembered”, “distorted”.
The forms no longer recognizable.
His works become informal, material, gestural.
The reference artists are Rothko, Pollock, Vedova, Kline.

Birthplace: Piedimonte Etneo (Catania)