In a community with no boundaries Italics feel part of the same cultural identity. We promote Italian art as it is produced in a local country, though we want to reach a global territory. We share the vision of our partner Italicanet and embrace Italic people all around the globe.

Italic vs Italian

You chose to be Italic when you bring out the good and beauty inside of yourself and you support core values such as sociality, universalism, exploratory vocation, sustainability, ingenuity and innovation. 

Italy is a homeland for Italics, not necessarily a birthplace or that of a family member. Italics have a real and solid connection with Italy and its heritage. You feel part of the Italic community when you are ready to exchange something within it and take action for its economy.

You possess one Italian piece of art, you become an Italic member, for you share a common interest with its creator.

We bring Contemporary Italian Art to your doorstep! 

Artists are often very shy, discreet and sensitive or they can be exuberant and a little eccentric. No matter what their inner nature, theirs is the world of expression.

Ours is the world of communication and authentic cultural promotion.

In Mecenate we expose a great variety of artworks on behalf of our artists for we want to reach their eventual patrons.

We also want to be a reference to the collectors and sponsors of the world, who feel for the Italian art. By doing so we place all our expertise and our team of talented resources, to give you a wide range of services.

Our services are dedicated to artists and sponsors at the same time, we offer advice on cultural promotion, events and exhibitions, interior design, art investments and personal advice.

The idea behind this project is unique:

We choose the best artists

You act as the best contemporary Mecenate

Together we make history!

The two choices in sponsorship are:

  • sustain the artist by a pledge in exchange of a gift crafted by the artist (available soon!),
  • purchase the actual art piece, which is accompanied by a digital authentication.