Mecenate.online…What is it?

Mecenate is a project aimed to promote contemporary Italian Art to a worldwide audience. We believe art is for everyone!

What do people get from it?

Patrons and collectors have the chance to get one of our best selected artworks, and they can choose among a great variety of styles. Plus we have different sections that include paintings, sculptures and photography. 

What is so special about it?

We accompany every artwork with a digital certification, our artists have a long and well-established career. We partner with them but they are not bound to any form of expression, so their art can be as experimental as they wish.

How can I get one of your artworks?

It’s really simple, you can check on our services and ultimately purchase the artwork online. We care for our customers throughout the whole process, that means you can scan our artworks catalogue, read information about the artist, get the proper counselling and finally decide to have your favorite piece of art at home, where you can still consider if it’s actually what you wanted! 

What if I’m not sure of what would best suit my space?

You can ask for an expert consultant directly on the web page or get in touch with one of our interior designer partners.

What if I’m in love with a painting or photography but I don’t feel like buying it?

You can purchase a top resolution image of the artwork, which you’ll print for yourself or use as a gift. It is always a very nice present.