About us

“Mecenate was a simple idea in the beginning.
I wanted Italian artists to be valued abroad.”

Antonino Petralia
Founder and CEO

The idea has expanded and promptly turned into a great project. On this platform we encourage artists and sponsors to build a powerful relationship to foster a new era in art life. We believe the “Made in Italy Art Culture” should spread worldwide and we are about to write the next chapter in Italian Art History.

Lesson #1

The first Italian collector and influential patron of our history was a Roman aristocrat named Gaio Cilnio Mecenate, who lived during Augusto’s Empire, a time also known as the “golden age”. From that personality we have kept the name Mecenate to describe the powerful patrons of all centuries and our list of memorable celebrities has grown ever since.

Lorenzo De Medici, who among others favoured the genius Leonardo Da Vinci some 500 years ago, was an incredible patron of the Arts during the thriving period of “Renaissance” in Florence. 

Through the centuries, from the Romans to the present days, Italy has always been the stage of a massive art production. Italian artists have conceived a large number of remarkable art pieces.

And the good news is…we haven’t stopped!

Today we are looking for the next Mecenate around the world, for we are sure a global community of sponsors can boost our professional artists and drive them through a new path with no geographical boundaries. 

Let our pride continue!

Nice to meet you!

We are a team of art lovers. We dedicate our time in art research, sponsoring education and building an effective communication network between artists and their eventual patron. We come from a variety of backgrounds with a common passion for the arts.



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